Barbie® Digital Makeover Mirror

You may think Barbie® is all princesses and fairy tales, but this toy is unlike any other!


 The Most Innovative Barbie® Toy is Here!  (& Yes, It’s Pink!)

 Hours of Entertainment and NO Mess!

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Barbie® Digital Makeover Mirror!

(Your Daughter’s NEW Favorite Toy!)


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If your daughter loves to play dress-up or with make-up, she will love this Virtual Make-up Mirror!  

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   This is an electronic toy which works in conjunction with the 2nd generation or higher Apple iPad.

The combination of the iPad & the creativity by Mattel™ makes this one unique & fascinating toy!

This is the Kind of Toy You Need to See!  (hence our photo gallery)

Sometimes Words Cannot Explain What a Picture Can Show You!

Barbie® Digital Makeover Mirror Review

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Barbie® Digital Makeover Mirror!